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Cancer is not just another degenerative and unavoidable disease of the ageing process. It has distinct and identifiable causes, and these are mainly exposures to chemicals of physical agents in the environment.

~Audre Lourde (1980)

One hundred and eighty-two thousand women will contract breast cancer this year.  Forty-one thousand will die of it; every eleven minutes we will lose another woman to the disease.  This documentary film makes these statistics real by following one woman who is diagnosed, treated and recovers from breast cancer.  Robin demands to know why she got breast cancer, posing questions about their exposure to environmental toxics.  Her intimate story brings the visually hidden experience of breast cancer into light, and motivates us to ask why so much illness and why don't we know how to stop it?

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Why Prevention?

firefoxPreventing breast cancer rather than just treating it is difficult.   Brave individuals have led this movement.   They have spoken out about the causes of the growing breast cancer epidemic.   Rachel Carson said in 1961:

Today we find our world filled with cancer-producing agents.   An attack on cancer that is concentrated wholly or even largely on therapeutic measures...will fail because it leaves untouched the great reservoirs of carcinogenic agents which would continue to claim new victims...

Possibilities for making our world less toxic and safer abound.   Breast cancer rates can be decreased.

Watch this film and find out how.


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